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According to the main music specialists, 2023 was the year of Taylor Swift. The singer, songwriter and director broke uncountable records this year, with the biggest tour of all time and two well-successful re-recordings released, 2023 was, definitely, one of the best years of Taylor’s career. So, here are the 13 moments we’ve selected as a retrospective of Taylor Swift’s 2023. 

Best Music Video at the 65th Annual Grammy Ceremony 

At the 2023 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift accomplished her 12th Grammy, winning the Best Music Video category, not only as the singer but as the director of the All Too Well Short Film, starring Dylan O’Brien, Sadie Sink and Taylor herself. Taylor thanked the Academy for recognizing her as a director and recognizing her work in getting her old music back, also thanking her fans for the support on the re-recordings.

cristo redentor taylor.webp

The most incredible welcoming 

Since the announcement, was pretty obvious that The Eras Tour had everything to be huge and have a massive impact. So, thinking of having the best welcome possible to the most popular artist lately and her biggest tour until now, the Mayers and even the fans of the cities Taylor passed with the tour made some incredible tributes to her as a welcome. Some of the tributes were: changing the city’s name to “Swift City” temporarily, lighting the entrance of the town with the colors of the 10 eras, changing the city plates to songs names, becoming the Mayer and even the projection of the “Junior Jewels” shirt at one of the Seven Wonder of the World, at the Christ the Redeemer.

She has demand 

With 151 dates in stadiums around the world announced until now, 2 US legs and dates on 4 continents: America (including Latin America), Europe and UK, Asia and Oceania, Taylor Swift showed she has demand. Every single one of the shows was sold out in minutes, with massive virtual and physical lines and even with partial vision and people out of the stadium listening to the show. The fact is that even with additional dates, the demand for The Eras Tour is absurd, proving she’s one of the bests of all time.

The greatest tour 

With more than 3 hours, 45 songs, 16 outfits and a never seen, breath-taken stage structure, The Eras Tour is being praised by critics and by people in general. On a trip to her Eras in 17 years of career, every era has its moment in the show, making it special to Taylor and the fans. Because of the tour, Taylor Swift became even more popular and now she’s the artist with more monthly listeners on Spotify, According to the Recording Academy “Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Will Be The Most Legendary Of Her Generation”. It’s, definitely, the biggest triumph of Taylor Swift’s career.

Innovator Award

At the 2023 IHeart Radio Awards, Taylor Swift was honored with the Innovator Award, the award that recognizes the innovators artists of the music industry. At the ceremony, Taylor received a tribute from her friends and industry fellows, like Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Dolly Parton, Ice Spice, the actor Simu Liu and the athlete Simone Biles. Taylor also received the award from her friend Phoebe Bridgers.

the eras tour.jpeg

Speak Now Taylor’s version

The first night of The Eras Tour at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville was enchanting. In the city where the original version of Speak Now was recorded, Taylor decided it was the perfect scenario to announce Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Right after singing Sparks Fly as the first surprise song, the cover and date of release appeared on the main screen. The Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) sold more than 716,000 copies.

1989 Taylor's Version

After lots of theories and 5 shows at the SoFi stadium in LA, the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) was finally announced. The last show of the US leg of the tour brought the most awaited re-record announcement. After showing with some new blue versions of some of the outfits, on the surprise song moment, Taylor made the announcement, showing the cover and the date on the main screen and sang the last song of the 1989 tracklist, New Romantics.

For the first time: Latin America 

With 151 tour dates in 4 continents, the news is that, for the first time in 17 years of career, Taylor made concerts in Latin America. The LATAM leg of the tour started in Mexico City, at the end of August, right after the end of the first leg of the US tour, with 4 dates and after a well-deserved break, in November, The Eras Tour returned, now in South America, with 3 shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina and 6 shows in two cities of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. 

The time of her life at the VMAs 

No one had more fun than Taylor Swift at the 2023 VMAs. First of all, it’s good to mention the fact she had won 9 awards, including Best Pop for Anti-Hero which she received from the hands of NSYNC and got super emotional, she thanked the fans for all of the support in her adventurous in music, she also had won Best Direction for the Anti-Hero music video. But she got everyone’s attention because she had the time of her life during the ceremony. She danced and screamed in every single performance, besides the fact she was drinking and having so much fun like she was at a real party.

taylor vma 2023.webp

The Eras Tour Movie

With 6 shows at the SoFi stadium in LA, no one had any doubts these shows would be special. Everyone was expecting some of the shows would be shot to make a tour documentary, just like she did on the other tours. So, when the first 3 shows at de SoFi were shot, the fans started to expect the announcement that came on August 31st in a post with the official trailer of “Taylor Swift| The Eras Tour” as a concert film in theatres on October 13th. The movie broke some records in the pre-sale, proving that Taylor Swift with The Eras Tour is the moment. 

The return of the it girl 

2023 wasn’t just the year Taylor Swift came back to the stages, she also came back as the it girl she is. For the first time since 2016, she gave her famous 4th of July party with her best friends, and as the old times, she posted the photos on social media. But the real return of the it girl came with Taylor getting out very often, dressing like a gossip girl character, in high heels, tiny skirts, short dresses and everything that makes an it girl. If we’re living in 2014 again, let’s hope this doesn’t end anymore. 


The new NFL legend 

Even though Taylor Swift goes very often to stadiums to perform, no one ever expected she would become the center of attention at football games, the Chief’s games more specifically. Taylor started to show up in Chief’s games when the rumors about her relationship with the player Travis Kelce came up and since then, she’s currently getting everyone’s attention, showing up on the screen and because of her, the audience had grown because her fans started to watch the games just to see Taylor.

Person of the Year 

As 2023 is the year of Taylor Swift, TIME magazine thought it would be the perfect time to crown Taylor as Person Of The Year. In the interview, she talked about everything that makes Taylor Swift the Taylor Swift, the beginning of her career, her creative process, the economic impact she’s been provoking and even a little bit about her personal life. This article was the perfect thing to resume Taylor’s year and to prove how genius, incredible, marvelous and loud woman and artist she is and we hope this is just the beginning. 

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